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residential lot number #4 and #5

Cerro del Angel Community is located in the Pencahue-Maule valley, Chilean wine region.  One hour East from the Andes mountains, one hour West from the Pacific Ocean. Three hours from Santiago de Chile the capital, four hours from northern Patagonia and 35 minutes from the city of Talca with first class schools, hospitals, supermarkets and malls. 


Our main goal is to create a sustainable-resilient community (off the grid optional) that provide it's own organic food, water, renewable energy and wellbeing for all. There will be an Organic farm, a 3,000 s/f community center with commercial kitchen, dining room, and additional meeting rooms for workshops and events that align with sustainability, health and organics.  

The area of Pencahue in the Maule region is well known for agriculture, mainly wine grapes, berries, walnuts and olive plantations, The region is Chile’s leading wine-making region, producing over 60% of all the country’s fine export wines, and a number of the largest vineyards are located here. Owing to its high concentration of vineyards, the  Wine-making is a traditional activity, some vineyards dating back to 1830. 

Why Chile?

Chile is considered South America's most economically stable and prosperous nation, it is a leader and ranks high on human-personal freedom and has a low perception of corruption.


For the third year in a row, from 2016 to 2018, Chile has been named world best adventure travel destination at the World Travel Awards, an award ceremony that is known in the industry as the "Oscars of tourism". https://chile.travel/en/chile-was-awarded-as-the-best-world-adventure-tourism-destination-at-world-travel-awards

Another big reason Chile is an excellent choice is that it is in the southern hemisphere. 95% of the world’s  pollution is created in the northern hemisphere. Air from the northern hemisphere virtually doesn't mix with the southern hemisphere. 85% of the world’s rain forests are in the southern hemisphere (Chile has the world’s largest temperate rain forest). Rain forests are natural pollution filters. 96% of storm related deaths are also in the northern hemisphere. Life expectancy is higher in Chile and cancer rates are very, very low compared to the U.S.A, 

https://www.wcrf.org/    click on cancer trends and then click worldwide data. 

Thats why Chile makes sense and is an excellent choice for healthy lifestyle, adventure and longer life expectancy.

    Santiago de Chile the Capital

Santiago de Chile the Capital

Plat residentail lots

Buy or reserve your lot today,  from 2 acres and up, pre-development prices start at $65,000.00. for 2 acre lots.  

All lots have panoramic valley views and have access to abundant water.  


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