residential lot number #4 and #5

Cerro del Angel is located in the Pencahue-Maule valley, Chilean wine region.  One hour East from the Andes mountains, one hour West from the Pacific Ocean. Three hours from Santiago de Chile the capital, four hours from northern Patagonia and 35 minutes from the city of Talca with first class schools, hospitals, supermarkets and malls. 

First time offering year 2019-2020;


Looking for one or two family-partners for next phase of development. Silent or active partners welcome. 

Great multiple income flows from first year.   

Project consist of 80 acres, 

  • 21 acres with stablished (2) year old walnut trees (2,800 trees) 
  • 60 acres residential lot community, (20) lots from 2 to 6 acres each lot.
  • lot #1 already have a cabin, storage building and is reserved for community lot owners.
  • Stablished orchard and vineyard on community lot.  
  • Multiple sources of water. from river, deep wells, irrigation canal and pond. Also thermal and mountain spring water available. 


Business plan; 

Short-medium term income, year 1 to 5.; 

  • from lots sold, similar communities are selling similar lots for around $65,000.00 each.

               will send links for comps with other communities upon request.

  • To bring in income while the walnut trees are growing, many farmers are using “agroforestry,” which uses double cropping of trees with pasture crops for harvesting or livestock grazing. Trees are planted in widely spaced rows, at about 140 trees per acre, with other crops between the rows. In addition to pasture crops, high-value crops like raspberries or blueberries can be used. Agroforestry can provide income four different ways. For the first few years, the only income is from the crop planted between the trees. As the trees become larger, they are thinned for nut production, with the wood from thinning being sold. Then, the nuts produce additional income. When the remaining thinned trees are mature, they are harvested for veneer logs.

Long term income, year 6 to future generations. 

  • A walnut farm can take a few years to come into full production, but then produces up to 8,000 pounds of walnuts per acre. Trees at the farm are 2 year old and full production is expected in 6 years.

For those with time and patience, a living legacy of walnut trees can be a priceless gift for children and grand children, the average return from a stand of walnut trees in Chile is 25%-30% percent a year, with no taxes due until harvest. That beats returns on bonds, stocks and most other investments handily, and with intercropping, growers can even produce an income while the walnut trees continue to grow. And it doesn’t include land appreciation of another 5% a year and second crop between tree rows. 

Why Im making this first time offering? the biggest issue most families face when they move overseas is how to find a descent pay job, start a business and settle down. We are a family of four, a husband-wife team and two boys ages 11 and 3 and we want other families to join, share and be part of this farm/community legacy.


You can buy and have tittle on 18 acres, including 5 acres walnut farm and 5 residential lots for $160,000 or, 

You can buy and have tittle on 36 acres, including 10 acre walnut farm and 10 residential lots for $320,000.   

We strongly recommend to meet soon and go over the project in detail. Please contact us for more information or setup a time to meet and/or visit the farm. in the U.S.A call 281/642-1866 in Houston, Texas. 

Why Chile?

Chile is considered South America's most economically stable and prosperous nation, it is a leader and ranks high on human-personal freedom and has a low perception of corruption.


For the third year in a row, from 2016 to 2018, Chile has been named world best adventure travel destination at the World Travel Awards, an award ceremony that is known in the industry as the "Oscars of tourism".

Another big reason Chile is an excellent choice is that it is in the southern hemisphere. 95% of the world’s  pollution is created in the northern hemisphere. Air from the northern hemisphere virtually doesn't mix with the southern hemisphere. 85% of the world’s rain forests are in the southern hemisphere (Chile has the world’s largest temperate rain forest). Rain forests are natural pollution filters. 96% of storm related deaths are also in the northern hemisphere. Life expectancy is higher in Chile and cancer rates are very, very low compared to the U.S.A.

Thats why Chile makes sense and is an excellent choice for a healthy lifestyle and longer life expectancy.

Plat residentail lots and farm.

80 acre approved plat showing the 20 acre farm and the residential lots. 



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